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150 years of winter
BE! Tourism
Wunder von Bern
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A Guest among Friends

BE! Tourism, 9.03.2017

A blazing fire in the fireplace, breakfast on the kitchen table, a nightcap in the owner’s cosy lounge - when travelling, there are now more and more people opting to stay at small, well-appointed homes because the personal care, the individualised furnishings and the special charm transform their accommodation into a real experience.

The Maison Bergdorf is set at the end of a residential street in Interlaken. This magnificent wooden chalet was built 120 years ago by a Canadian as a private house and has had many different owners since then. Stéphane Houlmann and Mirko Beetschen, who have owned the house for the past year, have converted this former family home into an eclectic guesthouse.

Wisteria tendrils creep up the wooden facade between the green shutters, and lush cherry laurel bushes line the stairway on both sides. Inside, there is an air of relaxed livability: Colourful rooms, a carefully composed smorgasbord of furniture, modern art and all sorts of accessories blend to form a coherent whole in which one immediately feels at home.

Maison Bergdorf Interlaken

Guests are free to relax on the comfortable sofas in the two ground-floor living rooms. The large table in the light-filled dining room is perfect for convivial dining. However, at the Maison Bergdorf guests cook for themselves. The kitchen is fully equipped and there are homemade quiches in the freezer for home baking, while on the counter you will find the addresses of some selected local restaurants, shops and caterers.

The two upper storeys are reserved for sleeping. Each of the eight rooms is a world unto itself. Ornaments with an oriental touch shimmer on the walls… a motley flower-filled meadow spreads itself out… embroidered carpets hang down…. All the rooms have been lovingly appointed with high-quality materials and a mixture of new furnishings and older gems.

Maison Bergdorf Interlaken

Guests here enjoy the use of two lovely verandas, a terrace, and the garden, from which there is a clear view of the Jungfrau. The house can also be rented as a whole - for such occasions as family celebrations etc. No matter whether it is just the two of you, or an entire group, at the Maison Bergdorf you will be transported to a world a million miles away from your everyday life. The two American guests who came to Switzerland for a few days last winter to see the mountains can confirm this: They found the house so delightfully cosy that they did not set foot outside the door for four whole days.

Maison Bergdorf Interlaken

The Hayloft, Kandertal
If you think the name "Hayloft" denotes an urban-alpine house with light-filled rooms you are quite wrong. The Hayloft is located in the 500-year-old Bütschels Hus above Kandersteg. The English name refers to Kerry, the British hostess. She and her husband run this informal B&B with her son John, her dog Anchor, and cat Snorkel. The rooms are traditionally and comfortably furnished and provide space for groups of up to six people. If you wish (and request in advance) you can have supper together with the family. And afterwards, if you so desire, you can recover from the exertions of the day in the hot tub. B&B am Bühlberg, Lenk-Simmental
The B&B am Bühlberg is set in a rustic original Simmentaler farmhouse, which, as its name implies, looks over Lenk from its location up on the Bühlberg mountain. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Simmental and of the Bernese Alps. When you have seen enough of these, you can focus on the beautiful house itself, which has been furnished with great attention to detail. The room rates include a hearty breakfast served in the converted barn with many of the ingredients being sourced from the local area. Lunch and dinner can also be served when ordered.
Villa Lindenegg, Biel
Life really can be this relaxed: Just imagine a stately villa surrounded by a magnificent park, beautiful rooms each somewhat different from the others but which share a common ambience, a restaurant at which regional dishes are served with flair and imagination, and hosts who are totally dedicated to caring for their guests. You will find your personal niche at the Villa Lindeneggnal, and should you wish to venture out, it is only a few steps to the picturesque Biel Old Town, the renowned CentrePasquArt art museum, and the beautiful Biel cinemas.

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