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150 years of winter
BE! Tourism
Wunder von Bern
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Magical Autumn Experiences

BE! Tourism, 23.09.2015

When the days getshorter once again and the golden rays of the sun gently caress the mountains,there is an unmistakeable feeling in the air – autumn has arrived.

The leaves rustle, theair is fresh. The fields and meadows are being harvested, and we find ourselveslonging for a pleasant time-out in the great outdoors: warm, balmy days, forestsablaze with colour, refreshment stops at restaurants set amid snow-coveredpeaks and sparkling lakes and rivers. It’s time for enjoyment, for walking, forrelaxing, for fine dining.

Enjoy such magicalmoments for yourself in the region of Bern-Bernese Oberland. We have compiled alist of our recommendations for just the kinds of stunning scenery andunforgettable impressions that are sure to set your pulse racing.
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Excitement Guaranteed – Five Top-Class Mountain Railways Experiences

With 141 mountain railways facilities, the canton of Bern is the perfect place for exciting mountain travel amid stunning landscapes. The gondolas, funiculars and chair lifts as well as Switzerland’s only "Senkeltram" (sinking tram) all transport visitors in comfort to their destinations so that they can enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery and the numerous hiking and adventure opportunities available.

Wellness oasis Emmental

The wellness area in the cozy country and seminar hotel 'Landgasthof und Seminarhotel Lueg' promises a sense of home and pure relaxation.
CHF 220.-

Jungfraujoch special

A trip to the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe at 3454 meters (11.332 ft), must be the highlight of any trip to Switzerland. The more than 100-year-old railway is by no means the oldest, but one of the most fascinating ones.
from CHF 189.-