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Jura & Three-Lakes

Biel, right by the lake, is the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry which still has global appeal today. The harbour is the starting point for attractive trips on the lakes and rivers. The Three Lakes tour takes to the St. Peter’s Island and the lakes of Neuchâtel and Murten – discovering picturesque vineyards and winemaking villages on the way. Nature and tradition are the twin features of the deep valleys of the Bernese Jura – the perfect place to relax.

Biel / Bienne, where the German and French languages have equal status, is the cradle of the Swiss art of watchmaking. The two global brands Rolex and Swatch have their headquarters here. The small and beautiful old town with its Gothic church (15th century), the ancient guild houses and the flower-bedecked fountain are the perfect setting for a stroll.

It is easy to “scale” the heights of the Jura by taking the funicular from Biel. The journey to Magglingen takes only seven minutes or so. The harbour in Biel is a point of departure for pleasant trips on the river or lake. It is possible, for example, to visit St. Peter’s Island (St. Petersinsel) or delightful villages such as Twann or Ligerz on Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murtensee (Drei-Seen trip). During your trip on the lake, don’t forget to stop off at one of the picturesque wine-producing villages to sample the fine wines.

Biel is also an ideal starting point for cyclists, who can choose from a variety of different routes: serious riders can test their strength on the Jura elevations, whilst leisure cyclists can follow a route by the water. Families are recommended to take a trip to the lakeland area of “Gemüseland” (“vegetable land”), where little-used paths cover many kilometres of the crop-growing region.

Set amidst nature and tradition, shaped by deep valleys, green mountain pastures and jagged crests, the Bernese Jura offers its visitors a place of escape as a favoured spot for walks of every kind. Le Chasseral, the highest point in the area, is home to a regional nature park. At 1,607 m, the summit offers magnificent panoramic views over lakes and valleys.