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BE! Tourism Ltd.

About us

BE! Tourism Ltd. is Canton Bern’s umbrella marketing organisation.
BE! Tourism Ltd.


The canton of Bern is located in the heart of Switzerland. Its well-developed transport network ensures that travelers from around the world enjoy convenient and stress-free access.
BE! Tourism Ltd.


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BE! Tourism Ltd.


In order to keep providing our guests with excellent service and top-quality tourism offers, we are reliant on finding and retaining first-class staff.
BE! Tourism Ltd.


Send us your questions, comments or suggestions for improvement. We look forward to hearing from you.
BE! Tourism Ltd.

Privacy Policy

BE! Tourism Ltd. ensures that the collection and processing of personal data are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss data protection legislation. In all areas concerning online offers, BE! Tourism Ltd. employs comprehensive resources and takes organisational measures for the protection against unauthorised access, manipulations and data loss.